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Access Vaccines is a Physician’s Buying Group that provides members the highest discounts and lowest prices for pediatric, adolescent, adult, and flu vaccines. Access Vaccines is partnered with GSK Vaccines, Pfizer, Sanofi (Vaxelis), Merck Vaccines (via Medline),  Bavarian Nordic (RabAvert), Seqirus (flu) and AstraZeneca (FluMist).

Become a member today and gain access to special preferred benefits and strategic alliances that we have developed throughout the medical community.

Vaccine Discount Programs

Your alliance with Access Vaccines provides your practice a pathway to a suite of vaccine contract options that deliver vaccines with unsurpassed efficacy at discounted prices. Enroll with Access Vaccines today and start saving. 

  • GSK
  • Sanofi
  • Pfizer
  • Merck


As a member of Access Vaccines you are provided the best pricing in the industry on the flu vaccines:

  • GSK Flu
    • Fluarix / FluLaval 
  • Seqirus (Cell based)
    • FluAd (65+) 
    • Flucelvax
  • Sanofi
    • Fluzone / High-Dose
    • Flublock
  • FluMist


Medline is a national manufacturer and distributor of medical surgical supplies and holds contracts with the industries leading vaccine manufacturers. Through our newest partnership we are excited to offer our members discounted pricing on medical surgical supplies and Merck vaccines. 

  • Lab Supplies 
  • Advanced Wound Care
  • Office Supplies
  • Nursing Supply / Patient Care 
  • Merck Vaccines


Access Vaccines GSK Discount Programs & Member Pricing

Access Vaccines offers the lowest rates for GSK vaccines for all of our “Premium” & “Preferred” members 

Access Vaccines Vaxelis "Base" & "Performance" Offers

Access Vaccines is now offering our members discounts on Vaxelis through our partnership with Sanofi.

Prevnar Discount Program

Access Vaccines is now offering our members discounts on Prevnar 13 and Prevnar 20. Simply register with Pfizer using Access Vaccines registration code: ZZ73H55

Access Vaccines Medline Distribution Network

Access Vaccines is now offering our members optimized distribution through our partnership with Medline. Members now have access to the industries lowest pricing on medical surgical supplies and Merck Vaccines